Strengthening Families Through Counseling, Education and Mediation

Parental Loss

While the number of children who experience a transition in their family due to parental loss has decreased over the decades, parental loss represents an obvious and unique adversity to children.  The Family Academy will address two primary sources to the loss of parents and disruption of family life for children:  Death and termination of parental rights.

Services provided:

Parental death.  Grief counseling and assistance of the child and the family through the experience of parental death.

Termination of parental rights.  Youngsters who experience the loss of parents through parental termination are not only subject to the injury resulting from alleged mistreatment, but they are also sufferers of parental loss.  This program would facilitate the transition to new homes where a child experiences the possible loss of not only parents, but also siblings.  Counseling interventions are necessary to aid the child’s maintenance of self-esteem and understanding of the loss of parental access.  The program can also facilitate permanency plans post-termination.

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