Strengthening Families Through Counseling, Education and Mediation

Single Parent Resources

The experience of single parenthood can challenge the available parental resources necessary for children.  The Family Academy will develop programs aimed at increasing the available energy and resources to children in single parent households.  To follow is a list of some of these programs:

Single parent education.  Specific parent-child education training aimed a the special needs associated with being a single parent.

Single parent support groups.  Supportive assistance/counseling to parents who need ongoing help beyond that provided in a time-limited education format.

Single parent resource coordination.  Networking with community resources to aid parents and children in a variety of areas.  For example the networking would include:  community awareness of athletic, dance, education, treatment, and other opportunities for children which promote self-esteem and competence in a variety of areas.  Coordination of these resources from a single source (The Family Academy) may result in a reduction of expense as well as an enhancement of opportunity.

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